Multifamily Real Estate Agents

We at the Garzella Group understand there are aspects of the work you do every day that are simply out of your control.

We believe those moments should be in your control, both to remove the frustration and to keep your projects moving forward.

Multifamily real estate agents like yourself face these common insurance problems and we provide the solutions:

wrong Your Problem :: Inaccurate insurance premiums in Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV).

Our Solution :: We create an InstaQuote™ for a BOV (in 48 hours or less); our vast insurance market rate data allows us to do this. [email us]

brain Your Problem :: You don’t have an insurance broker who is truly knowledgeable in the multiple markets in which your properties reside.

Our Solution :: We possess insurance expertise for every region on a national basis; we can provide you with insurance in all 50 states. [email us]

Time Your Problem :: Your current insurance agent is slow and not responsive.

Our Solution :: We provide same day insurance assessments and lender requirement analysis. [email us]

Is there a pain point of yours we missed?

Contact us today and try to stump us with your toughest insurance-related needs.

We’re recognized as the Top 1% of commercial insurance brokers in the nation and have been nominated twice for Commercial Insurance Brokerage of the Year.

We want to make the insurance side of your real estate work seamless and streamlined. We produce results.

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