Multifamily Lenders

We at the Garzella Group understand there are aspects of the work you do every day that are simply out of your control.

We believe those moments should be in your control, both to remove the frustration and to keep your projects moving forward.

Multifamily lenders face these common insurance problems and we provide the solutions:

time Your Problem :: Your current insurance broker is slow to respond to your needs.

Our Solution :: With Instaquote™ and Emergency InstaQuote™, dedicated agent/support staff, “always on” business practices, and an expert multifamily team we are quick to respond to any request. [email us]

Brain Your Problem :: Your current broker doesn’t have knowledge of all insurance requirements.

Our Solution :: We’re very specifically insurance lender requirement focused, designed to drive down your costs. [email us]

Flooding Your Problem :: You struggle to find affordable insurance coverage for unique insurance types such as flood, earthquake, environmental liability, building ordinance & more.

Our Solution :: We’re specialists in shopping for the best unique coverage for our clients through our strong network of invaluable relationships. [email us]

Money2 Your Problem :: Your insurance costs are consistently higher than budgeted/historical costs.

Our Solution :: Our insurance premiums are consistently under historical costs, with an average savings of 30%. [email us]

Money Your Problem :: Your high insurance costs cause lower proceeds (i.e. money taken out, that’s available to the borrower, is lower).

Our Solution :: We work with a network of multifamily-driven insurance companies & programs to lower insurance costs, increasing net operating income, and increasing the proceeds available to the client when they need it most. [email us]

Turtle Your Problem :: You consistently experience slow insurance quote turnaround time.

Our Solution :: We offer an Emergency InstaQuote(TM) giving lenders a 72-hour, or less, turnaround time. [email us]

Map Your Problem :: You’re required to work with multiple insurance agents to gain coverage for your properties in multiple states.

Our Solution :: Our programs are offered on a national basis; we provide insurance in all 50 states. [email us]

Is there a pain point of yours we missed?

Contact us today and try to stump us with your toughest insurance-related needs.

We’re recognized as the Top 1% of commercial insurance brokers in the nation and have been nominated twice for Commercial Insurance Brokerage of the Year.

We want to make the insurance side of the lending process seamless and streamlined. We produce results.

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