Multifamily Property Managers

We at the Garzella Group understand there are aspects of the work you do every day that are simply out of your control.

We believe those moments should be in your control, both to remove the frustration and to keep your projects moving forward.

Multifamily property managers like yourself face these common insurance problems and we provide the solutions:

Frustrated Your Problem :: Your insurance claims haven’t been consistently processing in an easy and smooth manner.

Our Solution :: Our agents will work directly with adjusters to truly streamline the claim process and we have a front end claims inspection team that will go onsite to review damage before filing a claim. This assists in keeping your premiums low.

Frustrated_man Your Problem :: You simply don’t want to deal with the process and hassle of chasing down and obtaining insurance quotes.

Our Solution :: Our technology allows us to begin the quoting process with simply a property address and certificates of property & liability insurance which you already have on file.

Money1 Your Problem :: You deal with consistent insurance price increases.

Our Solution :: Our multifamily specialty, and knowledge of changing markets, keeps your rates low without sacrificing any of the complete coverage you need. Additionally, we offer up to a 35% discount for owning/managing five properties or more; discounts stack up and multiply your savings. The more properties you have, the larger the discount.

Time Your Problem :: You have a slow or unresponsive agent who lacks necessary insurance knowledge in the multifamily sector.

Our Solution :: We provide same day turnaround on requests and often handle in less than an hour.

Is there a pain point of yours we missed?

Contact us today and try to stump us with your toughest insurance-related needs.

We’re recognized as the Top 1% of commercial insurance brokers in the nation and have been nominated twice for Commercial Insurance Brokerage of the Year.

We want to make the insurance side of your property management responsibilities seamless and streamlined. We produce results.

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