Multifamily Property Owners

We at the Garzella Group understand there are aspects of the work you do every day that are simply out of your control.

We believe those moments should be in your control, both to remove the frustration and to keep your projects moving forward.

Multifamily property owners like yourself face these common insurance problems. Learn how our multifamily insurance expertise will save you time, decrease costs, and increase your property’s NOI:

Money3 Your Problem :: Price is too high or increases significantly and you’re left with no other options.

Our Solution :: We’re aware of emerging markets in addition to our own exclusive programs which help keep costs low. Our emergency InstaQuote™ service can produce a quote in 72 hours or less. [email us]

chess Your Problem :: Loss Control Recommendations

Our Solution :: We negotiate loss control recommendations with the carrier. [email us]

doors Your Problem :: You don’t know what all of your insurance options truly are.

Our Solution :: We have true multifamily insurance expertise. We’re aware of the changing market conditions and are proactive in carrier research (price shopping for you). [email us]

Time Your Problem :: Your current insurance broker is slow in responding to your requests and needs.

Our Solution :: We provide same day turnaround on service requests, and often less than 72 hours on insurance quote requests. [email us]

Is there a pain point of yours we missed?

Contact us today and try to stump us with your toughest insurance-related needs.

We’re recognized as the top 1% of commercial insurance brokers in the nation and have been nominated twice for Commercial Insurance Brokerage of the Year.

We want to make the insurance side of your multifamily property ownership work seamless and streamlined. We produce results.

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