Renter’s Reward

Exclusive NEW Apartment Community Program

The Garzella Group is offering

Our Exclusive Renter’s Reward™ Initiative

  • Property owner recovers more money from every move-out.
  • Saves property managers time and hassles.
  • Tracking and Monitoring of Certificates of Insurance.
  • Simplified adjustment process takes 2 minutes or less.

Reduced move-in costs for tenants…a marketing edge for landlords

Renter’s REWARDS provides enhanced resident liability coverage designed to maximize protection for each unit from resident-caused damage. Our program not only protects from the infrequent large catastrophic losses but also covers the more frequently occurring damages and revenue loss.


Pet Damage:

Covers the cost of pet damage in excess of pet deposits.



Skip Coverage:

Loss of rental income as a result of resident lease default.



Bed Bug Remediation:

Pays remediation costs associated with bed bug infestation.


Excess Wear & Tear:

Covers damages exceeding standard security deposit.


Insufficient Security Deposit:

Covers losses in excess of standard security deposit.



Flexible Supplemental Coverage Speak to our insurance SPECIALIST for further details.


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