Renter’s Reward


Exclusive NEW Apartment Community Program

The Garzella Group is offering

Our Exclusive Renter’s Reward™ Initiative

  • Property owner recovers more money from every move-out.
  • Saves property managers time and hassles.
  • Tracking and Monitoring of Certificates of Insurance.
  • Simplified adjustment process takes 2 minutes or less.

Reduced move-in costs for tenants…a marketing edge for landlords

Renter’s REWARDS provides enhanced resident liability coverage designed to maximize protection for each unit from resident-caused damage. Our program not only protects from the infrequent large catastrophic losses but also covers the more frequently occurring damages and revenue loss.

Pet Damage:

Covers the cost of pet damage in excess of pet deposits.

Skip Coverage:

Loss of rental income as a result of resident lease default.

Bed Bug Remediation:

Pays remediation costs associated with bed bug infestation.

Excess Wear & Tear:

Covers damages exceeding standard security deposit.

Insufficient Security Deposit:

Covers losses in excess of standard security deposit.

For flexible supplemental coverage, request a quote or call us to speak with an insurance SPECIALIST for further details: 480-264-7226

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eRenters liability coverage extends protection for unit damage due to resident negligence resulting from the perils of fire, smoke, water, explosion, and pet damage for policies containing the eRenters pet damage endorsement.

We have provided a list below of our most common resident-caused damage claims paid by volume.

1. Pet Damage – pet stains on carpet
2. Pet Damage – scratches to woodwork, moldings or doors
3. Pet Damage – chewing or clawing of blinds/kitchen cabinets
4. Cooking surface damage
5. Burn damage to kitchen counters
6. Bathroom floor damage due to overflow of toilet or tub
7. Cooking-sourced kitchen fires
8. Iron burns on carpet
9. Grill fire damage to wooden balcony
10. Water damage to floor from overflow of washing machine
11. Cigarette burns on carpet
12. Water damage resulting from pipe burst due to resident negligence

Please note that all damage claims must be reviewed by a licensed insurance adjuster to ensure they meet all coverage requirements as outlined in the renter’s insurance policy form. Final claims outcome is subject to review and approval by the insurance adjuster.

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